Realtor struggling for clients?

These “Outbound Realtor VAs” Made Me $2M+ GCI in 24 months

Now, Let Me Plug Them Into Your Business to
Feed You Hot Leads Daily...

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Why Are A Small % of Realtors Winning... While the Majority are Struggling in This Market?

Right now,


With the market the way it is...


It’s getting harder and harder to find deals.


There’s more competition.

More uncertainty in the market.

& More skepticism from sellers.


So if you’re struggling with:


Lack of quality leads

Difficulty catching up in a saturated market

Constantly losing deals to other agents

Finding it hard to keep up with market trends and changes

Overworked with paperwork and admin stuff

Hustling hard but still struggling to pay the bills

...It’s not your fault.


In times like these, where there’s more fear from sellers than ever...

The 1-1 Approach
is more effective.

Cold calling.


Door knocking.




That stuff has always worked


& It's the only thing working in this market.


But it’s impossible to be everywhere at once...

Imagine a VA Sales Team Doing 1,000+ Personalized Outbound Calls to Sellers in Your ZIP Code Every Day...


Right now,


You can get VAs (Virtual Assistants)

That speak incredible American English


that are Pre-trained with Scripts,
A hot lead list in a ZIP Code
And a CRM...


...And have these “Loaded VAs” dialing 12 hours a day

...Delivering a ton of Value

...Building your credibility


...And booking your calendar with new, qualified seller leads every single day - consistently.


“Real estate agents who use virtual assistants earn an average of 30% more money than those who don't"

- National Association of Realtors

Having these “Loaded VAs” will:

Get your name out there to 1,000+ local sellers every day.

Feed you multiple “warm leads” per week

Pre-sell your leads on your services, without you needing to be there

Book out your calendar with ready-to-go sellers

Help you land 1-3 new clients per month

Follow Up Warm Leads until they work with you, much more.

"These Loaded VAs Made Me $2M in GCI in 24 Months"

Carlos Puckerin - The Original Loaded Agent


I’m Carlos.


I'm an agent here in Houston,
Texas, but I'm doing deals nationwide.


Over the last 24 months, I've generated $2,000,000 in GCI.


I'm also the founder of the "Loaded Agent" where I've personally mentored hundreds of agents to beat the down market...


My Loaded VAs Generate Me New Sellers Every Month...

Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 2.23.06 pm

$2M GCI in 24 Months

 Verified on my Hum profile

ICON Winner

Winning ICON awards every year I've been in business.

Screen Shot 2023-10-13 at 2.28.41 pm

My Team is Making
1 Million GCI

My team has sold over 300 homes all across the Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas area

I’ve Given This Loaded-Agent System to A Handful of Realtors Who Are Now Winning in This Market...


Jerry and Emily got Their First Listing in 4 Weeks!

"Early twenties, never had a listing in two years. Came into the loaded agent program & within 4 weeks, they had 4 listing appointments, 2 signed listings, 1 on the market, closed one in less than 30 days, the other in less than 60."

Benahz Landed Her First Listing & Sold in 3-4 Days!

"Benhaz came to us from another real estate group, never had a listing in her life. Within four weeks, had a listing on the market and sold that sucker in three or four days. She was under contract $55,000 above asking."

Here's What Other Realtors Have To Say About The Program


Now, You Can...

Get My Loaded VAs Booking Out Your Calendar with Pre-Sold Seller Leads


The Loaded Agent Mentorship Program


Inside get access to my VAs, my team & systems to
land new clients every single month, consistently

Get The Exact Team,
Tools & Systems
My Team is Using to Close 1-3 Homes Per Month

With commissions way higher than 3%...


What You Get:


Exclusive #1

Loaded Agent Accelerator Program

Inside this video program, get access to video lessons, tools & templates showing you how to become a “Loaded Agent”. Get my exact systems for closing deals at a higher success rate, with commissions way higher than 3%.


Exclusive #2

Loaded VAs

Get my pre-trained Loaded VAs (armed with custom-built scripts) to perform 1,000+ personalized outbound calls per day. These VAs have been vetted & trained by our team, and have all the tricks to get your calendar booked with qualified seller leads.


Exclusive #3

10,000+ Exclusive Lead Lists

Not enough leads to dial? Give me your ZIP Code and I will get a list of 10,000 exclusive seller leads to plug into your CRM so your VAs can be dialling and getting you booked 12+ hours a day.

Usually $1,000


Exclusive #4

Automated CRM

Stop doing manual follow up. We’ll build you a custom CRM for your VAs to manage and report in. This CRM will come with follow-up automations and reminders to make sure that no leads are falling through the cracks.


Exclusive #5

Loaded Mastermind Network

Get exclusive access to a Network of leading Realtors, Investors, Private Lenders, Marketers & more to go to for advice or securing deals. My network is now your network.


Exclusive #6

Loaded Listing Presentations

The exact Listing Presentation that generated me $2M in GCI in the last 24 months - ina fill-in-the-blank template you can use to close a higher % of your leads, consistently.


Exclusive #7

Live Calls

Exclusive Live Calls with myself & other experts in the space, giving you the cutting-edge tactics of what’s working right now with real-time advice for your specific business problems.

Exclusive #8


Book a call below to get access to our Facebook Ad Templates, Deal Structure Templates & Sheets & More...


Join The Loaded Agent Mentorship Program Today & Get:

Loaded Agent Accelerator Course
Pre-Trained Loaded VAs
10,000 Exclusive Leads
Done-for-you CRMs & Automations
Loaded Mastermind Network
Loaded Listing Presentations
Live Calls
Social Media Templates
Sales Training & Roleplay

+ More

Apply for the Loaded Agent Mentorship Program Below

Limited Spots Available.

To get our Loaded VAs to the level they are - it takes a lot of training. Which means we are limited in the amount of VAs we can give out.

So we only open a handful of spots into the Loaded Agent Program every quarter. Book Your Demo call today to avoid missing out.

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